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Rock Hounding

Amber Reed


Purchasing stones from the miner themselves is always a nice learning experience. We talk about what stones we’ve gathered from rock hounding, what types of jewelry we’ve made over the years, & why we choose to be obsessed with gems! 

The guy that owns this shop has had gold fever since his mid twenties. He’s in his late forties now. He shared pictures of gold nuggets he’s found over the years. One nugget was worth $40,000 dollars. If you have the DRD4 gene and a semi addictive personality gold mining may or may not be a good hobby to pick up he explained!

Queen of the dragons

Amber Reed


Oh My Gosh, The Snakeskin Agate rings were so popular! To everyone who designed one with me <3 Thank you! It was such a treat to make you a one of a kind piece! I have a small handful left! I'll be making a few for the site and to sell at Urban Yoga in Downtown, Phoenix. 


To all my Dragon Queens out there!

Keep slaying! 

Giving Back

Amber Reed

     I have been very busy with designing and crafting jewelry for Charity Charms, which is a jewelry company that provides jewelry products for non-profit organizations.

    The current project: I'm working on bracelets, necklaces, & earrings. Each order is a 100+ piece order. 

   How my wholesale journey began

    I worked at a local large jewelry & bead distributor store. I started making jewelry for jewelry designers that didn't have the time to make their own pieces. My clients would supply me with all the parts and pieces. A majority of the jewelry was native influenced because most of my clients were Native American & traveled the west coast selling their goods to southwestern stores. I made thousands of earrings and necklaces in 2013-2015. Some of the orders were infinite. It solely depended on how much I could make in a week. That was excellent profits but exhausting. 

     I slowly transitioned into not taking so many wholesale orders two years ago because I wanted to focus on my own line and flourish my high quality jewelry brand, which ended up being a very exciting transition. I currently only do freelance wholesale work for Charity Charms since I agree with the companies morals and vision. It truly is a perfect fit for me. I get to make jewelry for companies that are making a difference in the world and being a part of that is truly special, I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

NOTE: I had to change my my blogs direction due to an abundance of ordering coming in and wholesale work. I will be blogging about custom pieces and large projects! I was really hoping my 100 day of 100 designs was going to work but I didn't consider the amount of work I already have on the table. Thank you for understanding 

Two Souls Connect

Amber Reed

      I love watching others come together through jewelry, especially when the jewelry has a special meaning behind it. A beautiful story wrapped in either family history, love, or mile-stones, and so much more is what makes it significant. These two intention necklaces were made for lovers. Each necklace has gemstones that were picked out due to their healing properties. The necklace on the left’s purpose is to help balance all the chakras. The deep green stone malachite is known to do just that and also protects the wearer through the changes that come when aligning oneself. The necklace on the right’s purpose is to help the wearer become more aware of their power and also learn how to harness it in a positive way.




     Intention necklaces are similar to malas. The difference is the bead count and the free-flowing style. You are more then welcome to pray, meditate, or set intention into your intention necklace. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just follow your heart, intuition, and desire.

     Gemstones have been used for centuries. Supposedly, the first time humans were intrigued by stones was when they went out hunting for game. River rock was the first stone they gravitated towards. Hunters kept the river rock pebbles on their person because they believed it gave them luck and kept them safe while they ventured through the woods and brush. I believe that this is true, and not only because I believe in the metaphysical, but because when we have faith in something that we trust, we allow our defense mechanisms to fall, which allows the magic of the unknown to guide us.

     River Rock is a very common bed-rock stone found in lakes and rivers. A variety of beautiful natural colors are pictured below.

Photo found on Pinterest&nbsp;

Photo found on Pinterest 


Amber Reed

     Although this piece was difficult to make, it allowed me to use my skills to the best of my ability because I am always up for a good challenge. The best jewelry designing orders are the ones that help me collect new tools for my tool box (literally and figuratively). It is one of the many reasons why I decided to make a career out of my stone and jewelry obsession, which is a never- ending journey of learning ranging from the books I have collected, teachers I have learned from, the jewelry community, and even battle wounds from my tools… I have recognized that there is always something new to learn or an obstacle to overcome.

Custom Men's ring

     When it comes down to it, I can't really imagine myself doing anything else. Now I know this may sound foolish to some, but I don't mind their judgments. There has been plenty of people who have told me that my dreams weren't logical or realistic, clearly I didn't listen to them because look at where I am now! I just had to keep pushing myself past my comfort zone in order to find success among what I love doing. If you knew the younger version of me, all she wanted was what would be normal, safe, practical, and comfortable. I am an old soul and the wisdom that I have gained over the years taught me that you can't run from the inevitable "change" and even your own "reality.” If you are passionate about something, your passion will keep knocking on your door until you answer.


      I traveled and lived in a few different places after graduating high school but it wasn’t until I moved to Phoenix, AZ, in December 2013 that I realized how drastically my life would change! The past four years have been my biggest teachings, healing, and light bringing force. I dedicated my life to healing myself, loving others, and keeping it transparent with everyone I meet. My life has been magical & full of synchronicity ever since. It is very likely that my perspective changed, causing the sweetness to take over my bitterness. If you haven't visited the desert yet, I highly recommend it!


Special Occasion

Amber Reed

      Beautiful Kingman turquoise mined in Kingman, Arizona. Both are cut from the same slab of stone and are hand cut and polished locally in Phoenix, AZ. The sterling silver I use is eco-friendly & of high quality; I buy it locally.

Top Ten special occasions to buy Cufflinks for men

  1. Birthdays 
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Promotions
  4. Weddings
  5. Graduations
  6. Retirement  
  7. Fathers day 
  8. Valentines Day 
  9. Christmas 
  10. No reason at all 


Happy Easter&nbsp;

Happy Easter 

     This pair of cufflinks was a commissioned piece from my significant other. He was a groomsman for one of his closest friends since high school, an honor for Leo, which is why he wanted to to get his close friend something special. He chose a meaningful gift that could be passed down to the grooms' children one day.  

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday! Thank you for check out my blog!

Much love,

Amber Marie 

Wedding Pearls

Amber Reed

        This pearl & sleeping beauty turquoise necklace was originally a custom piece made for a bride-to-be. The pearls are freshwater rice pearls, harvested in China. The pearls have a short growth time, which makes them  easier to find locally & plentiful. I personally love pearls because they give off such a classy and sophisticated look while still looking cute and stylish at the same time! Pearls also go with almost anything, which makes them a great investment.


       Purchasing pearl necklaces can be overwhelming because there are so many different types: shapes, sizes, regions, colors, etc. & the price always varies! Every time I purchase pearls, I learn something new because the sellers I purchase from are passionate about their product.


Pearl Care

Pearls are organic which means that they are affected by heat, alcohol in perfumes, creams, and detergents, which can cause them to lose their luster and color. Perspiration can also damage the pearls because of its acidic components. You should clean pearls gently with a cloth before storing and then store them in a cloth pouch. Do not store in plastic bags because they will cause condensation and the plastic does not protect the pearl from impact. So, if you follow these instructions, your pearls should be in perfect condition!

I hope you learned something new about pearls in this blog post! This piece won't be posted in the collection because it was a custom, one of a kind piece. I do take custom pearl necklace requests though. Send me an email & we can design something beautiful together. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Much love,

Amber Marie 

Solo Trip

Amber Reed

     In December 2015, I took a fifteen day solo backpacking adventure through Athens, Greece, & Rome, Italy! I went solo to seek out fresh inspiration, sightsee,  meet local jewelers, get lost, & make new friends from all over the world. It was a very pleasurable experience.

  Greece & Italy are both beautiful countries. I put a small gallery together for you to enjoy below.

      The piece I'm sharing with you today is very special to me because I was gifted this triangle shaped lapis lazuli pendant. The man who gifted it to me worked at the shop I was browsing. I was searching for a smaller carry on because I didn't want to check my bag on my way to Rome, Italy.  Half of his store was bags and the other half was beautiful handmade jewelry made by him. He used all natural gemstones and African trade beads. The design style was very bold and unique; beautiful works of art. I wish I had photos to share with you but sadly, I do not because I was so immersed in our conversation and design banter.     


      I've had this lapis bead displayed in my studio for some time now. I wasn't finding any beads that truly complimented its shape, until I found these heshi Kingman turquoise beads.(heshi is a bead cutting style-polished thin sliced discs). I string them onto vegan sinue thread and create a pattern with solid copper rounds finished with a hand fabricated copper clasp.

Thank you for checking out my blog today! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Much love,

Amber Marie

Athens, Greece & Rome, Italy 

Ocean Blue

Amber Reed

        Kyanite's ocean blue luster is eye catching. The unpolished raw look is my favorite.   I've sketched out many designs for the kyanite I have collected over the years. All the designs are classic and modern. Before I started making the pieces come to fruition, I had to learn a few new skills. The metal work designs that I sketch and fabricate in my head are inspired by nature and architecture.  Both are so inspiring to me.

        I am blow away by nature's design and peoples ability to follow & appreciate nature's example and seemingly bending reality to create magical spaces for us to enjoy. This ring is the beginning of a kyanite collection I've been working on for the few years. I told myself 2017 would be the year I would bring the pieces to life. I will share the sketches on a later blog. 


      If you love this design share and comment. Enjoy the weekend! I will be enjoying my first Tough Mudder! 11 Mile run/obstacle course! Wish me luck!

      Next blog is going to be featuring a beautiful turquoise and lapis piece! You won't want to miss the story behind this piece. 

Much love,

Amber Marie

Thank You for your service

Amber Reed

      Cufflinks are a great statement piece in men's fashion.  They are made for french-cuff shirts which have button holes on both sides but no buttons. My clients use them as a good luck charm whenever they have an important meeting or are going on a date or special event.   I've made geode cufflinks, raw gemstones, faceted gems, & high polished gems. Photo gallery below. 

        The blue-stared rubies were picked up in a small Afghani gem shop on a military base in Herat, Afghanistan. My client served overseas and picked up several beautiful gemstones. He wanted to make a few pieces with them. We have been designing together to make sure all the pieces are turned into small works of art for him & his family to cherish for years to come. 



Cufflinks cost range $150-$400 depending on which stones are desired price changes







Above: Here I am carefully soldering the .999 silver bezel settings in place. This is one the the beginning steps. 


       Hope you enjoyed admiring the blue star ruby cufflinks. These beauties head to their new home Monday! I am taking custom cufflink orders too. I will post the stone sets that are available on next week! Enjoy the rest of the week tomorrow is Friday! 

Much Love, 

Amber Marie 












Bee kind

Amber Reed

         I've been cooped up in my studio for the past two days working on multiple projects, so I decided to take a break, go lay by the pool and write todays blog. It is very important for me to change up environments throughout the week so I don't get burnt out or uninspired! This gives me a peaceful break, a fresh perspective & more space for creative thought. I absolutely love designing jewelry & losing my desire to create would be a total bummer. 

 A few examples of how I stay inspired & motivated.

  • Exercise and outdoor activities really help. Taking time in nature and focusing on the exterior sounds instead of my own monkey mind does wonders.
  • Changing up my work space 2 or 3 times a week. coffee shop, pool side, a friends place, or being outside where I can focus is great for me! 
  • Simple yoga stretches to relax muscles and let the blood flow! Especially when I'm working at my bench for 4 plus hours a day. (This break is a must) 
  • Helping others with their goals or teaching them skills I've learned 
  • Taking time to create something besides jewelry, wether it be an art installation with friends or learning a new skill and/or trade.
  • Meditation is the best tool I use to stay on my path. I use my bella beat to track my meditation practice, but stillI fall off from time to time. 

         I know this blog is supposed to be about the creative process of day sixes design but I just wanted to share with you what I need to do to stay in my creative happy zone. If you are feeling stuck in your monkey mind you are so welcome to use any of the examples above! I strongly encourage it. 

From left to right: Pictured jasper | Blue goldstone | Carnelian | Aventurine

From left to right: Pictured jasper | Blue goldstone | Carnelian | Aventurine

The hexagon symbolizes our love for nature, positive change,&nbsp;our love for the bees &amp; their gifts.&nbsp;

The hexagon symbolizes our love for nature, positive change, our love for the bees & their gifts. 

         Oh my gosh! I'm so in love with these dainty gemstone bracelets! The little brass hexagon charms are such a nice touch. Each hexagon charm was hand fabricated, stamped, sanded & polished. Once again, I'm supporting local business, the 4mm gemstone beads are purchased locally in Phoenix, AZ! 

Click to see a informative Save the Bees infographic&nbsp;

Click to see a informative Save the Bees infographic 

These bracelets will be available in six different natural gemstone colors Thursday April 5th, @ 2pm MT! 20% of your purchase will be donated to help sustain the honey bees life. Stay tuned! 

        I am very fortunate to be able to share my love for art, jewelry, the environment & so many other facets of this wonderful life. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Much love, 

Amber Marie 

Click below to purchase from the Bee Kind Collection 

Victorian Beauty

Amber Reed

        I absolutely love amethyst; I work with it often because it is known to be the best healing stone. I believe healing from past heart break, family trauma, global issues, Mothernature's pain, & the collective pain body is very important because once we shed past pain the fear dissipates. Once the fear dissipates our life's work is presented to us. We become kinder and more loving to each other.

        I believe self-awareness & accountability is whats going to be a big part of our global conscious shift you hear so many people talking & cheering on! I strongly believe in focusing on the positive even though I know hard times are inevitable. Thats where growth happens just like a lotus flower traveling through the muck, perseverance feels so good. Shedding old skin, toxic people, toxic actions, & thoughts is perseverance. You are making a pact with yourself, a very powerful one, when you tell yourself "I deserve to share my brightest happiest self with the world." 

Love note: Forgive yourself and others. Enjoy the journey & let others enjoy their own journey as well. 

Lightly tumbled Amethyst | Healing | February birthstone | Soothing&nbsp;

Lightly tumbled Amethyst | Healing | February birthstone | Soothing 


Love note: Try not to be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes along the way.

          This amethyst bracelet was fabricated with sterling silver. I used liver of sulfur to age the silver to give the piece a Victorian era look. The amethyst used was handpicked by me at the Tucson Gem Show last year! One of the photos shown is the patina process before the piece is cleaned. (pictured below) Patina usually smells like rotten eggs! Heres an interesting fact! You can patina pieces with warm boiled eggs. I've tried it & the piece I used came out with a neat rainbow patina in a few areas.

Liver of sulfur bath: before polished&nbsp;

Liver of sulfur bath: before polished 

       I hope you enjoyed todays blog post! This piece is my favorite thus far! There are a few simple polishing adjustments I want to make before adding it to the site! I'll post on my Instagram when its ready! Wish you and yours a peaceful Tuesday evening.

Much love,

Amber Marie

My Instagram: byamberreed 


Find Love Here

Amber Reed

          I'm a Phoenix,AZ transplant like almost everyone here! It is rare to meet a true local. I've lived here for four years now and I've met two handfuls of people who were born and raised here, strange to a small town gal like myself. I was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Population 20,000+ people in TC and the surrounding counties. Everyone knows each other & they are usually born and raised in the area as well. I absolutely loved growing up in Michigan. The Midwest hospitality and moral compass that was ingrained in me from my family and community is priceless. I am very grateful for my roots.

     A jewelry piece that is a beautiful reminder of where you are from.

       This piece is meant to be worn by men & women. It gives off a earthy feel & look. It is something that you can wear every day & is also fashionable enough to wear to work. This piece is solid copper hand fabricated and aged with patina. Individually hand stamped each number & letters. The stone charm is an azurite stone wire wrapped with sterling silver. Azurite is dark blue and green, which I use to resemble the earth. A small but significant reminder for us to take care of mother nature. 



Traverse City, Michigan&nbsp;

Traverse City, Michigan 

Traverse City, MI latitude and longitude bracelets | Custom available

       My sister Emily Bailey Clements is my editor & she just got back from her first vacation over seas! She jumped on my intern/custom pieces jewelry offer yesterday! Emily is currently studying creative writing at Northwestern Michigan College, so this is a perfect opportunity for her to put her wonderful editing skills into action!

Emily enjoying the Caribbean!&nbsp;

Emily enjoying the Caribbean! 

       Custom latitude and longitude coordinates options will be available. Thank you so much of checking out my blog. 

Much Love, 

Amber Marie