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Amber Reed

     Although this piece was difficult to make, it allowed me to use my skills to the best of my ability because I am always up for a good challenge. The best jewelry designing orders are the ones that help me collect new tools for my tool box (literally and figuratively). It is one of the many reasons why I decided to make a career out of my stone and jewelry obsession, which is a never- ending journey of learning ranging from the books I have collected, teachers I have learned from, the jewelry community, and even battle wounds from my tools… I have recognized that there is always something new to learn or an obstacle to overcome.

Custom Men's ring

     When it comes down to it, I can't really imagine myself doing anything else. Now I know this may sound foolish to some, but I don't mind their judgments. There has been plenty of people who have told me that my dreams weren't logical or realistic, clearly I didn't listen to them because look at where I am now! I just had to keep pushing myself past my comfort zone in order to find success among what I love doing. If you knew the younger version of me, all she wanted was what would be normal, safe, practical, and comfortable. I am an old soul and the wisdom that I have gained over the years taught me that you can't run from the inevitable "change" and even your own "reality.” If you are passionate about something, your passion will keep knocking on your door until you answer.


      I traveled and lived in a few different places after graduating high school but it wasn’t until I moved to Phoenix, AZ, in December 2013 that I realized how drastically my life would change! The past four years have been my biggest teachings, healing, and light bringing force. I dedicated my life to healing myself, loving others, and keeping it transparent with everyone I meet. My life has been magical & full of synchronicity ever since. It is very likely that my perspective changed, causing the sweetness to take over my bitterness. If you haven't visited the desert yet, I highly recommend it!