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Solo Trip


Solo Trip

Amber Reed

     In December 2015, I took a fifteen day solo backpacking adventure through Athens, Greece, & Rome, Italy! I went solo to seek out fresh inspiration, sightsee,  meet local jewelers, get lost, & make new friends from all over the world. It was a very pleasurable experience.

  Greece & Italy are both beautiful countries. I put a small gallery together for you to enjoy below.

      The piece I'm sharing with you today is very special to me because I was gifted this triangle shaped lapis lazuli pendant. The man who gifted it to me worked at the shop I was browsing. I was searching for a smaller carry on because I didn't want to check my bag on my way to Rome, Italy.  Half of his store was bags and the other half was beautiful handmade jewelry made by him. He used all natural gemstones and African trade beads. The design style was very bold and unique; beautiful works of art. I wish I had photos to share with you but sadly, I do not because I was so immersed in our conversation and design banter.     


      I've had this lapis bead displayed in my studio for some time now. I wasn't finding any beads that truly complimented its shape, until I found these heshi Kingman turquoise beads.(heshi is a bead cutting style-polished thin sliced discs). I string them onto vegan sinue thread and create a pattern with solid copper rounds finished with a hand fabricated copper clasp.

Thank you for checking out my blog today! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Much love,

Amber Marie

Athens, Greece & Rome, Italy