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Ocean Blue

Amber Reed

        Kyanite's ocean blue luster is eye catching. The unpolished raw look is my favorite.   I've sketched out many designs for the kyanite I have collected over the years. All the designs are classic and modern. Before I started making the pieces come to fruition, I had to learn a few new skills. The metal work designs that I sketch and fabricate in my head are inspired by nature and architecture.  Both are so inspiring to me.

        I am blow away by nature's design and peoples ability to follow & appreciate nature's example and seemingly bending reality to create magical spaces for us to enjoy. This ring is the beginning of a kyanite collection I've been working on for the few years. I told myself 2017 would be the year I would bring the pieces to life. I will share the sketches on a later blog. 


      If you love this design share and comment. Enjoy the weekend! I will be enjoying my first Tough Mudder! 11 Mile run/obstacle course! Wish me luck!

      Next blog is going to be featuring a beautiful turquoise and lapis piece! You won't want to miss the story behind this piece. 

Much love,

Amber Marie