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Ocean Blue

Amber Reed

        Kyanite's ocean blue luster is eye catching. The unpolished raw look is my favorite.   I've sketched out many designs for the kyanite I have collected over the years. All the designs are classic and modern. Before I started making the pieces come to fruition, I had to learn a few new skills. The metal work designs that I sketch and fabricate in my head are inspired by nature and architecture.  Both are so inspiring to me.

        I am blow away by nature's design and peoples ability to follow & appreciate nature's example and seemingly bending reality to create magical spaces for us to enjoy. This ring is the beginning of a kyanite collection I've been working on for the few years. I told myself 2017 would be the year I would bring the pieces to life. I will share the sketches on a later blog. 


      If you love this design share and comment. Enjoy the weekend! I will be enjoying my first Tough Mudder! 11 Mile run/obstacle course! Wish me luck!

      Next blog is going to be featuring a beautiful turquoise and lapis piece! You won't want to miss the story behind this piece. 

Much love,

Amber Marie

Thank You for your service

Amber Reed

      Cufflinks are a great statement piece in men's fashion.  They are made for french-cuff shirts which have button holes on both sides but no buttons. My clients use them as a good luck charm whenever they have an important meeting or are going on a date or special event.   I've made geode cufflinks, raw gemstones, faceted gems, & high polished gems. Photo gallery below. 

        The blue-stared rubies were picked up in a small Afghani gem shop on a military base in Herat, Afghanistan. My client served overseas and picked up several beautiful gemstones. He wanted to make a few pieces with them. We have been designing together to make sure all the pieces are turned into small works of art for him & his family to cherish for years to come. 



Cufflinks cost range $150-$400 depending on which stones are desired price changes







Above: Here I am carefully soldering the .999 silver bezel settings in place. This is one the the beginning steps. 


       Hope you enjoyed admiring the blue star ruby cufflinks. These beauties head to their new home Monday! I am taking custom cufflink orders too. I will post the stone sets that are available on next week! Enjoy the rest of the week tomorrow is Friday! 

Much Love, 

Amber Marie