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Two Souls Connect

Amber Reed

      I love watching others come together through jewelry, especially when the jewelry has a special meaning behind it. A beautiful story wrapped in either family history, love, or mile-stones, and so much more is what makes it significant. These two intention necklaces were made for lovers. Each necklace has gemstones that were picked out due to their healing properties. The necklace on the left’s purpose is to help balance all the chakras. The deep green stone malachite is known to do just that and also protects the wearer through the changes that come when aligning oneself. The necklace on the right’s purpose is to help the wearer become more aware of their power and also learn how to harness it in a positive way.




     Intention necklaces are similar to malas. The difference is the bead count and the free-flowing style. You are more then welcome to pray, meditate, or set intention into your intention necklace. There is no right or wrong way to do it, just follow your heart, intuition, and desire.

     Gemstones have been used for centuries. Supposedly, the first time humans were intrigued by stones was when they went out hunting for game. River rock was the first stone they gravitated towards. Hunters kept the river rock pebbles on their person because they believed it gave them luck and kept them safe while they ventured through the woods and brush. I believe that this is true, and not only because I believe in the metaphysical, but because when we have faith in something that we trust, we allow our defense mechanisms to fall, which allows the magic of the unknown to guide us.

     River Rock is a very common bed-rock stone found in lakes and rivers. A variety of beautiful natural colors are pictured below.

Photo found on Pinterest 

Photo found on Pinterest