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Victorian Beauty


Victorian Beauty

Amber Reed

        I absolutely love amethyst; I work with it often because it is known to be the best healing stone. I believe healing from past heart break, family trauma, global issues, Mothernature's pain, & the collective pain body is very important because once we shed past pain the fear dissipates. Once the fear dissipates our life's work is presented to us. We become kinder and more loving to each other.

        I believe self-awareness & accountability is whats going to be a big part of our global conscious shift you hear so many people talking & cheering on! I strongly believe in focusing on the positive even though I know hard times are inevitable. Thats where growth happens just like a lotus flower traveling through the muck, perseverance feels so good. Shedding old skin, toxic people, toxic actions, & thoughts is perseverance. You are making a pact with yourself, a very powerful one, when you tell yourself "I deserve to share my brightest happiest self with the world." 

Love note: Forgive yourself and others. Enjoy the journey & let others enjoy their own journey as well. 

Lightly tumbled Amethyst | Healing | February birthstone | Soothing 

Lightly tumbled Amethyst | Healing | February birthstone | Soothing 


Love note: Try not to be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes along the way.

          This amethyst bracelet was fabricated with sterling silver. I used liver of sulfur to age the silver to give the piece a Victorian era look. The amethyst used was handpicked by me at the Tucson Gem Show last year! One of the photos shown is the patina process before the piece is cleaned. (pictured below) Patina usually smells like rotten eggs! Heres an interesting fact! You can patina pieces with warm boiled eggs. I've tried it & the piece I used came out with a neat rainbow patina in a few areas.

Liver of sulfur bath: before polished 

Liver of sulfur bath: before polished 

       I hope you enjoyed todays blog post! This piece is my favorite thus far! There are a few simple polishing adjustments I want to make before adding it to the site! I'll post on my Instagram when its ready! Wish you and yours a peaceful Tuesday evening.

Much love,

Amber Marie

My Instagram: byamberreed