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Find Love Here


Find Love Here

Amber Reed

          I'm a Phoenix,AZ transplant like almost everyone here! It is rare to meet a true local. I've lived here for four years now and I've met two handfuls of people who were born and raised here, strange to a small town gal like myself. I was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. Population 20,000+ people in TC and the surrounding counties. Everyone knows each other & they are usually born and raised in the area as well. I absolutely loved growing up in Michigan. The Midwest hospitality and moral compass that was ingrained in me from my family and community is priceless. I am very grateful for my roots.

     A jewelry piece that is a beautiful reminder of where you are from.

       This piece is meant to be worn by men & women. It gives off a earthy feel & look. It is something that you can wear every day & is also fashionable enough to wear to work. This piece is solid copper hand fabricated and aged with patina. Individually hand stamped each number & letters. The stone charm is an azurite stone wire wrapped with sterling silver. Azurite is dark blue and green, which I use to resemble the earth. A small but significant reminder for us to take care of mother nature. 



Traverse City, Michigan 

Traverse City, Michigan 

Traverse City, MI latitude and longitude bracelets | Custom available

       My sister Emily Bailey Clements is my editor & she just got back from her first vacation over seas! She jumped on my intern/custom pieces jewelry offer yesterday! Emily is currently studying creative writing at Northwestern Michigan College, so this is a perfect opportunity for her to put her wonderful editing skills into action!

Emily enjoying the Caribbean! 

Emily enjoying the Caribbean! 

       Custom latitude and longitude coordinates options will be available. Thank you so much of checking out my blog. 

Much Love, 

Amber Marie