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Wedding Pearls


Wedding Pearls

Amber Reed

        This pearl & sleeping beauty turquoise necklace was originally a custom piece made for a bride-to-be. The pearls are freshwater rice pearls, harvested in China. The pearls have a short growth time, which makes them  easier to find locally & plentiful. I personally love pearls because they give off such a classy and sophisticated look while still looking cute and stylish at the same time! Pearls also go with almost anything, which makes them a great investment.


       Purchasing pearl necklaces can be overwhelming because there are so many different types: shapes, sizes, regions, colors, etc. & the price always varies! Every time I purchase pearls, I learn something new because the sellers I purchase from are passionate about their product.


Pearl Care

Pearls are organic which means that they are affected by heat, alcohol in perfumes, creams, and detergents, which can cause them to lose their luster and color. Perspiration can also damage the pearls because of its acidic components. You should clean pearls gently with a cloth before storing and then store them in a cloth pouch. Do not store in plastic bags because they will cause condensation and the plastic does not protect the pearl from impact. So, if you follow these instructions, your pearls should be in perfect condition!

I hope you learned something new about pearls in this blog post! This piece won't be posted in the collection because it was a custom, one of a kind piece. I do take custom pearl necklace requests though. Send me an email & we can design something beautiful together. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Much love,

Amber Marie